Tuesday, August 31, 2010

17 Days To Teacher Training

Rich Pike here.  I am about to embark on an insane trip - Bikram Teacher Training.  I am going to post on this blog to keep people up to date on how things are going and also in order to vent.  There's that whole theory pushed by all the psychologists that it's better to express your emotions than keep them bottled up - and from what I've heard I'll be experiencing a lot of emotions throughout the nine week teacher training. 

The official start date is Sept 19.  I fly to San Diego on the 17th.  I am going to stay a couple of days with my fabulous, generous in-laws.  Tracy thank you for "voluntering" to take to get my supplies of Power Shakes, Fruit Cups, etc!

I'm busy now getting mentally prepared for the training as well as starting to learn the dialogue.  It is *very* difficult to memorize every single word of a ninety minute dialogue.  But I am committed to memorizing it - basically because I am frightened to death of public speaking so I figure if I have the dialogue memorized that will somehow help get me through the first classes I lead.

I'll post some as we get closer to training and I'll post a lot from training.  TTYL.